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An indomitable young Kazakh girl is the focus of this spectacularly beautiful documentary, set against the breathtaking expanse of the Mongolian steppe. In defiance of centuries-old traditions, 13-year-old Aisholpan became the first female ever to hunt with golden eagles. Filmmaker Otto Bell’s first feature follows her on her daunting journey to train her first golden eagle and earn the respect of elder hunters at a prestigious hunting competition.

The Girly Show: Burlesque Onscreen

Set in a burlesque house, the virtuous Judy (Maureen O'Hara) and the brazen Bubbles (Lucille Ball) strike up an intense rivalry after realizing they're after the same man in DANCE, GIRL, DANCE (1940), Dorothy Arzner's hilarious and revolutionary work about the politics of vice and virtue. Screening presented with an introduction by Alicia Fletcher, curator of Silent Revue (Revue Cinema) and Ladies of Burlesque (The Royal).

Presented in conjunction with Vice & Virtue, a free exhibit at the Toronto Reference Library’s TD Gallery.


Showbiz heavyweights like Mel Brooks, Rob Reiner, Gilbert Gottfried, Sarah Silverman and more discuss how humour can force us to confront difficult subjects, in particular the Holocaust. “It’s awful...and hilarious,” Silverman quips. “It’s awful hilarious.” While there is no clear consensus anywhere in sight, this film’s exploration of the boundary between good and bad taste is nuanced and illuminating. Fresh interpretations of famous Nazi-themed comedy like The Producers and “The Soup Nazi” add further depth to this contentious cultural investigation.


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