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Known as the Egyptian Jon Stewart and hailed as a hero by other faux-pundits John Oliver and Samantha Bee, cardiologist-turned-comedian Bassem Youssef hosts The Show, a satirical news program that skewers politicians and holds them accountable. However, hosting such a show in Egypt amidst turmoil is a little different from hosting a show in the U.S. and Youssef finds himself not just under fire but potentially in danger. Able to create his show during the revolution, the documentary follows as a new dictatorship takes rise and threatens Youssef's new role in society.

Alternative Facts Survival Guide: OUR NIXON

Alternative Facts Survival Guide: Take heart! Today's best journalists arm you with the intellectual tools needed to decode a world of fake news.

Former George W. Bush speechwriter and senior editor at The Atlantic David Frum and former CBC Washington correspondent Alison Smith present this riveting documentary about the inner workings of the Nixon White House, featuring never-before-seen Super 8 home movie footage shot by Nixon's closest advisers.


Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms gets six fresh perspectives with In the Name of All Canadians, a compilation of short documentaries commissioned by Hot Docs. From Indigenous rights to the controversial 'notwithstanding clause,' participating filmmakers take the Charter's key tenets off the page and into the lived experiences of the country we call home.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario. World premiere media sponsor: Maclean's.


Dive into the extraordinarily diverse and delicious world of cuisine in Israel. Meet the most talented chefs, discover the most inventive dishes and learn about the intersection of cultures that has helped create one of the most unique food scenes in the world. A sense of history and tradition—be it Jewish, Arab, Muslim, Christian or Druze—has inspired a surge of creativity in both restaurant and home cooking. What begins as a regional portrait of food becomes an immersive journey to a singular place, guided by renowned Philadelphia chef Michael Solomonov.


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