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After Auschwitz

"You're free, go home." Not your typical Holocaust story, this illuminating documentary focuses on what happened in the wake of tragedy. Six extraordinary women from different countries and backgrounds share their previously untold stories of survival. Follow each of the characters as they strive to make a fresh start in Los Angeles and find an answer to the question, "why did I survive?" With striking connections to our current political climate, After Aushwitz captures what it means to move from trauma and towards life.


One of the world’s most revered violinists, Itzhak Perlman was a phenom destined for fame at a young age — but his life and career presented him with great challenges. The Jewish musician reflects on mastering the violin as a young boy, growing up as the son of Polish Holocaust survivors in Israel, his struggle with polio, and navigating an artistic field with impossibly high expectations. More than a simple biography, Itzhak traces the path of the Jewish people through music in a celebration of survival, resilience and beauty.


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