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Shot over a decade, Quest is a window into the life of an Obama-era African American family and their north Philly neighbourhood. Christopher “Quest” Rainey and his wife Christine’a, aka Ma Quest, open the door of their basement music studio to the community. Serving as a creative sanctuary, it plays host to Freestyle Fridays, where young MCs express their rage in rhyme.


Escape the cold and step inside a beautiful English walled garden in Sussex. A must-see for nature lovers and green-thumbs, BBC's Flicker & Pulse studies the changing seasons and the people tending the garden in a mesmerizing meditation on the passage of time and the delicate balance between the flora, the environment and the gardeners. Featuring state of the art time-lapse cinematography, this is a walk through a garden you won't soon forget.


Going inside a gigantic garment factory in Gujarat, India, Rahul Jain’s award-winning debut feature captures the dark reality of fast fashion. Taking you through the factory’s surreal depths with breathtaking cinematical detail, Jain creates a moving portrait of the human laborers who toil away to earn a meager living for their families back home. Winner of the 2017 Sundance Jury Award for Excellence in Cinematography, Machines is a singular marriage of mesmerizing cinematography and pointedly-political storytelling that will stay with you long after it's over.


Hot Docs award-winning filmmaker Jeff Malmberg (Marwencol) and Christina Shellen invite you to a picturesque Italian town where theatre isn’t just art, it’s a way of life. Fifty years ago, a tiny village perched on a hill in Tuscany dreamed up a remarkable solution to the problems they were facing: they banded together and turned their lives into a play--bringing to light the various local issues they faced both as individuals, and as a community.


In the early 1970s, seven of Canada’s finest guitar-makers came together to create one-of-a-kind instruments inspired by the iconic Group of Seven painters. In this visually stunning film commissioned by the McMichael Gallery, these master-builders pay tribute to our Canadian landscape rockstars - turning their craft into a veritable art form.


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