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The Animal Kingdom: WINGED MIGRATION

In our new series The Animal Kingdom, we invite the whole family to be inspired by the wonders of nature. Join us to marvel at some of the greatest images of wildlife ever committed to film followed by fascinating conversations with animal experts and enthusiasts. We are kicking off the series with Oscar nominee Winged Migration, a film that allows the viewer an opportunity to soar with migratory birds through an assortment of beautiful countries and locales over various seasons and climates.


The New York Times considers Frank Cabot's Les Quatre Vents "one of the most ambitious private gardens in North America, if not the world." Sprawled across 20 acres of land at the top of Mount Murray in Quebec, the garden aligns the transformative power of nature and the ingenuity of human design to reach unbelievable heights. Lovers of gardening and topiary will be awe-inspired by Cabot's vision, captured on film for the very first time.


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