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Oscar Documentary Shorts

Experience this year’s Academy Award® nominated documentary shorts on our big screen.

TRAFFIC STOP | D: Kate Davis, David Heilbroner | USA | 2017 | 30 min
In 2015, a 26-year-old African-American elementary school teacher named Breaion King was pulled over by a white police officer for a routine traffic stop, escalating into a dramatic arrest.

Love, Cecil

A multi-talented Academy Award-winning artist, Cecil Beaton is responsible for some of Hollywood’s most memorable set and costume design (My Fair Lady, Gigi) and had a significant career as a gifted photographer with The British Royal Family among his clients. In part because of his different focuses, Beaton was never as highly-regarded in any one field as he deserved. Love, Cecil explores the life and work of an eccentric Renaissance man whose irreverence, wit and vision made him a controversial and memorable figure.


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