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Since the end of the Six-Day War in 1967, hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens have moved into the Occupied Territories of the West Bank. Delving deeper than daily headlines and nightly newscasts, popular Doc Soup selection The Settlers offers an intimate look at the rise of these controversial settlements, and the historical, political and religious implications they have had on peace in the Middle East.


Director Petra Epperlein left East Germany as soon as the Berlin Wall fell, but the rest of her family stayed behind. In this TIFF 2016 hit, she returns to her hometown for an astonishing and unprecedented peek into life behind the Iron Curtain. Formerly called Karl-Marx-Stadt or “Karl Marx City,” Epperlein ventures on a quest to find out the truth behind her father’s mysterious suicide and the rumours of his involvement with the secret police.

Toronto Jewish Film Society presents None Shall Escape

(USA, 1944, Andre De Toth director, 85 min)
Guest Speaker: Professor Ron Levi
Produced and released before the end of WWII, None Shall Escape prophetically foreshadowed the war crimes tribunals that would soon follow.Told through the lens of the trial of a Nazi officer and his impact on the life of a small Polish village,this film is daring, often powerful, and a definite.must-see.
Co-presented with the Toronto Film Society
2 screenings: 4:00 and 7:30 pm
Al Green Theatre in the Miles Nadal JCC


From the director of March of the Penguins comes this extraordinary encounter with the awe-inspiring and strange landscapes of Antarctica. With sweeping cinematography, we are introduced to the story of pioneering climate scientist Claude Lorius and his ground-breaking findings. Now 83, he reflects on his adventurous life and love of the natural world he has seen change before his very eyes.


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