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Special Event

Second Meeting of the VEMU Estonian Language Book Club

On Wednesday, February 28th at 7pm at Tartu College, the second VEMU Estonian language book club meeting will be taking place. This time the discussion will be about Mart Sander's historical novel Litsid. The discussion will be led by Anneli Andre-Barrett and Koidula Aedna.

No admission fee. A small donation would be appreciated.
Info:, t. 416 925 9405

Curious Minds Weekend: Oscars Live Broadcast & Commentary

The Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema rolls out the red carpet for a live telecast of the 90th Academy Awards® on its big screen. Join us for a free night of glitz, glamour and commentary hosted by your favourite film columnists from The Globe and Mail, who will set the scene for the broadcast and dissect the biggest stories of the night during commercial breaks. Whether you’re looking to toast to your favourite films of the year, or to discuss the urgent political issues facing awards-show season, you’re in for a memorable evening. 

Hosted by The Globe and Mail's Johanna Schneller.

Curious Minds Weekend: David Crombie & Nam Kiwanuka

Preserving Toronto's Natural Heritage 

David Crombie is one of Canada’s greatest public servants, a former Federal Cabinet Minister and Mayor of Toronto who remains a voice of authority on urban history and public affairs. Nam Kiwanuka is an acclaimed TVObroadcaster whose wonderful stories on immigration, the environment and Ontario history make civic issues exciting for younger generations. 


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