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Game Changers: Bhutto

Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema

Game Changers: Inspiring Women - From international icons to unsung heroes, we partner with Luminato Festival to celebrate revolutionary women who changed the rules in politics, art, civil rights and beyond.

After her father, former Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Bhutto, was assassinated, Benazir Bhutto parlayed her social activism into a remarkable political career. The first female leader of an Islamic nation, Bhutto led Pakistan towards democracy through tumultuous times. Eventually put under house arrest and imprisoned, her legacy is fraught with controversy. This compelling and insightful portrait explores her successes and failures within the Islamic world and her family, revealing the full story behind a brilliant woman who believed in freedom for her country. Among her greatest ambitions was to avenge her father, to which she said, “democracy is the greatest revenge.’’ 

In partnership with Luminato Festival

June 10, 2018 4:00pm
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