Three film subjects from TransMilitary doc in a car
Dec 11

Human Rights Watch presents TransMilitary (Free)


Tickets: Free (A maximum of two per person)

Cocktail Reception & Screening: $25    

The military is the largest employer of transgender people in the United States. Amid rapidly changing policies that technically at present bans them from serving, 15,500 troops identify as transgender. TransMilitary documents four brave men and women who risk their families’ livelihoods by coming out to the Pentagon’s top brass in the hope of attaining the equal right to serve. With a new commander-in-chief at the helm, they must traverse a series of successes and defeats, as their careers hang in the balance.

5:00 PM: Cocktail Reception 

6:00 PM: Doors Open for the Screening

6:30 PM: Screening


Following the screening, a group of panelists will discuss the themes of the film and reflect upon them in a Canadian context.

While illuminating the struggles to assert identity in the quest for human rights, the film also raises other provocative questions. Among them, how is the current Trump administration going to impact the global transgender rights movement? What does it mean when a government tries to assert pure political power over science itself? Can we separate the right to employment without fear of discrimination or persecution?

Panel guests to be announced soon.

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