With much pleasure, both musical and intellectual, I have attended Talisker Players' concerts since my husband and I returned to Toronto from London, England. Recently I was musing about what first attracted me to Talisker. I recall when in London attending a concert at a neighbourhood church where readings played a similar thematic role. Lyrics to the songs were provided in the programme. I thought – what a great idea! Sung words are not always easy to understand (no disrespect to the singers!). This unique concert format opened a whole new world of words with music for me. I remember wishing I could attend a concert just like it in our fair city. 

As it happened, on our return to Toronto in 2008, my mother was drumming up new audience members for the then 7-year old Talisker Players and caught us in her net. We have been enjoying Talisker concerts – in the similarly warm atmosphere and great acoustics of Trinity St Paul's – ever since. A few years ago, the Artistic Director Mary Mcgeer sweetly cajoled me into joining the board of directors. As a result I can let you in on a little secret – Mary enjoys a wee dram every now and then and it was indeed the well-known scotch Talisker that inspired the name of this unique group of instrumentalists and continues to inspire their wonderful musical offerings more than a decade later. Maybe it was partly the name that grabbed us too!

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