Patterned blue background with the cover of an old Yiddish music album and text: Songs from the heart, the story of Yiddish music. Guest speaker: musician/musicologist Jonno Lightstone.
May 02

Songs From the Heart: The Story of Yiddish Music

Guest speaker: musician/musicologist Jonno Lightstone  

“The inner history of a people is contained in its songs,” wrote European Jewish scholar Rabbi Adolph Jellinek. Yiddish folk songs are a musical map of the Jewish people’s history – they document daily life and traditions, bear witness to our persecution, inspire us to be courageous, and remind us to laugh and love. From their inception in the shtetls of Eastern Europe, to the golden age of American Yiddish music and theatre, into the modern era of Klezmer and the current global revival, learn why Yiddish songs continue to resonate in our collective imaginations. Generously co-sponsored by the UJA Committee for Yiddish. 




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