Collage of three portrait pictures with the text of Artist's Voice Spring 2023 Speakers Series. Collage image 1: Back of a woman's head, orange-red colour and white colours, hoodie with flower patterns. Collage image 2: Portrait of a man with glasses, black and white picture.  Collage image 3: Portrait of a woman with sunglasses in her light colour hair, black and white picture.
Apr 20

ARTIST'S VOICE Spring 2023 Speakers Series


via ZOOM

April 20, 2023 – June 15, 2023, from 1 to 2 p.m.


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Thursday April 20 – Temma Gentles

Telling Tales

Although Temma is primarily a textile artist, the essence of her practice is storytelling The stories originate in personal experience, treasured anecdotes of clients, or the richness of secular and religious literature. She interacts with the world in many ways: as a professional artist, educator, volunteer, mentor, family member, and active citizen A moment of «inspired lunacy” in 2013 led to an education and engagement project called Torah Stitch By Stitch. The project has so far involved more than 1500 people of all faiths in 28 countries, all of whom are cross-stitching the Torah in Hebrew and


Thursday May 18 – Frank Rodick

A Guide to Buying Photographic Art and Building Your Collection

Based on his experience as an artist and years of working with galleries, as well as private collectors and institutions that have acquired his work, Frank will discuss the most important issues-and what to watch out for-in buying photographs: the Who. What, Why, When, Where, and How of starting and building a collection, large or small. Rodick is a photo-based artist whose work has been described as a primal meditation on trauma and the human condition in extremis-expressionistic representations of the human face and figure through the lens of self, family, and memory. In 2021, he was overall winner of the 16th Pollux Awards; his forthcoming book is based on the series The Moons of Saturn.


Thursday June 15 – Sylvia Galbraith

The Unquiet Landscape

Physical connections with wild, distant landscapes have always been important to Sylvia. She writes, “I have a perpetual need to see and feel the ground underneath me in any given location.” Her artistic work responds to this desire to be part of the landscapes that she photographs. An Ontario-based photographic artist who uses traditional methods of image creation plus high-end digital and analogue technology, Sylvia finds inspiration and challenge in the camera’s inherent restrictions. Best known for her stunning landscape photography, Sylvia explores the deep connections between the land and people in some of Canada’s loneliest places.

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